14 Jan

Virtualmin – a hosting control panel

VIRTUALMIN - A hosting Control Panel


Virtualmin is a Webmin module for managing multiple domains through a single interface, just like Plesk or Cpanel. It supports the creation and management of Apache virtual hosts, BIND DNS domains, MySQL databases, and mailboxes and aliases with Sendmail or Postfix, it also provide basic support for Nginx instead of Apache.

Virtualmin can also create a Webmin user for each virtual server (domain in cpanel), who is restricted to managing just his domain and its files. Webmin’s existing module access control features are used, and are set up automatically to limit the user appropriately. These server administrators (in cpanel, hosting account owner) can also manage the mailboxes and mail aliases in their domain, via a web interface that is part of the module.


You can see an introductory video to understand it well.

Control Panel Reviews Backend Language Open-Source Linux Windows DNS Email FTP Databases ipv6 Multi-Server
cPanel Perl, PHP x x x x x x x
Plesk PHP, C, C++ x x x x x x x x
DirectAdmin PHP x x x x x x
Core-Admin PHP x x x x x
InterWorx PHP x x x x x x x
C++ x x x x x x x
PHP, Perl x x x x x x x
Froxlor PHP x x x x x x
Vesta PHP x x x x x x
PHP x x x x x x x x
PHP x x x x x x x
Webmin Perl x x x x x x x x
ISPConfig PHP x x x x x x x x
Ajenti Python x x x x x x
BlueOnyx Java, Perl x x x x x x x
CentOS Web Panel PHP x x x x x x x
Virtualmin PHP x x x x x x x x

Which one is powerful - Cpanel or Virtualmin ?

It depends upon customer’s own decision. I think each panel is difficult when you use it first time. After some time when you become familiar with any app / panel, it become very easy for you.

Which control panel give more access to the system - cPanel or Virtualmin?

Cpanel takes all control over your system and modify its core, it grant only limited access to user, in a system where cpanel is installed you can use it for webhosting purpose only. However virtualmin give you more control on your OS. You have right to decide how to configure your machine to perform better.

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