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Where is control panel or manager?

To access client area you have to click on “Manager” button on menu or directly write the url as In manager you can manage your domain, support tickets, your products and services etc. If in case you will find any issue with our manager please provide your feedback, we will try our best to solve the issue.

All of your servers support customization?

We are sorry but right now we do not modify our servers, limited upgradation is possible on servers.

eg: You can not upgrade your server’s Hardware like as RAM, Processor etc. But you can buy more IP’s. You can not add additional HDD after purchase but can buy a USB or a network area storage any time.

Note: some of our low budget servers limited to single IPv4 and single IPv6 /128 IP address. No additional IP address is possible for them.

What is the mean by semi manage, unmanage or manage server?


We provide OS level support for semi manage server, Only hardware level support for unmanage server and full support for manage servers.

What is them mean by account validation?

To stop fraud, spamming or unlawful activities, we require to validate your account. You have to fulfill below requirements to get validated by our validation department.

  • Validate your address by providing us a copy of any utility bill.
  • Validate your identity by providing us a copy of any national id like as NIC, passport or driving license.
  • affidavit to ensure that you did not perform any suspicious, unlawful or vulnerably act using our products and services.

What if I was unable to validate my account?

Contact our support, we will see into your account and assists you to validate your account, if in case you were not able to provide necessary documents or if your account was not able to validate by our validation staff, we will inform you and refund your full amount with in 14 working days. If in case we found any tempered document during validation like as fake photo id etc we will hold your payment and foreword your case to law enforcement agencies with complete log of your activities at our site.

What is your policy about 3rd party licensing like as Cpanel etc?


We are strictly follow any licensing agreement and force our customers to follow licensing agreements.

eg: If you use any pirated OS or application on your server and we receive any notice from any licensing authority like as Microsoft for example, we will send you an email immediately and if you were unable to solve the issue in the mean time, we will block your services.

What is your refund policy and process?

Following are the rules we follow to refund customer payments.

If we fail to provide service with in the described period we will refund full amount within 3 days.

If we fail to follow agreement during agreement period and our customer request a refund, we will refund the amount as per product agreement. eg: for monthly subscriber of dedicated server we will not refund any amount. For annual subscriber if subscriber need to cancel product in start or end of  2nd month of agreement we will refund only 10 months. We did not refund any setup fee in case of cancellation of product/service.


What types of projects can we host at ExpertPK?

Beyond traditional web applications and online sites, your hosting can accommodate many other needs: video games, development, testing, streaming, big data, database, CRM, accounting, human resources, simulation, calculations, PAO, statistics, forecasts…

How does hosting work?

Each solution provides root access although hardware configuration, virtualization possibilities and degree of freedom will depend on the solution you choose that is right for you.

When to upgrade your hosting plan?

VPS Dedicated Server

You’ve learned the basics of administering your VPS and now you want to go further and gain in freedom. The “bare-metal” dedicated server offers fully devoted resources to ensure high performance.

The use of a physical server can also be specified in the contract or the specifications of your final customer’s requirement. This may be the case for a client of a web agency who wishes to remain the owner of its hosting.

Dedicated Server Dedicated Cloud

Several factors have to be taken in account in your decision before changing your offer. Do you need to go to 100% virtualization, need 100 % availability, need more flexibility for resource (resources per hour)? Dedicated is a solution for you. In addition to reducing maintenance time, the Dedicated Cloud has many automated deployment features: like the addition of resources (hosts / data center) and VMWare or HyperV extensions deployment.

When your cluster is above 60 % virtualization, or have more than 5 dedicated servers, we recommend that you upgrade to Dedicated Cloud.

Dedicated/VPS Delivery Time

Please remember that each of your order/payment will be validated manually via our validation staff. After successful validation we usually provide VPS/Dedicated server with in 72 hours.

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