The latest generation of processors IBM

IBM Power Server 8 192 Threads With 128 GB RAM – 2 x 2 TB SOFT
CPU 3.02GHz 2x12cores – 8threads per core 64GB RAM
Unlimited traffic – 500 Mbps bandwidth
For only$499.00 /month

IBM Power 8 Dedicated Server

The latest generation of processors IBM

has been specially developed for very intensive parallel computing.
This approach “Scale-out” for dispensing operations on dozens of Threads
demonstrates performance up to 100 times more powerful than a conventional x86 architecture.
IBM Power Server 8
192 Threads
CPU 3.02GHz
2x12cores – 8threads per core
including 12x300Go SAS HDD Ubuntu for Power 8
$ 499.00/Monthly
Preorder: delivery (Datacentre Roubaix, France) from the Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Setup Fee: $ 299.99 to order

The use of processors in POWER 8, ExpertPK allows to democratize access to the Linux on Power technology, supported by a Linux OS – Ubuntu.
One use of this power is found in many software solutions that we use every day: the data base. Indeed, with this ability to substantial parallelization, you can perform heavy operations and calculations on large data volumes.These transactions are possible, fast, and effective, associated with an internal storage based on 12x300Go that can be used in RAID-10. This is particularly the case for MongoDB and MariaDB, which already offer specific releases to take advantage of this architecture. Their use on the bases POWER8 increases density and transactions in one proceeding, including MongoDB the possibility of exploiting large databases without sharding. These two database engines also announce optimized releases and taking full part of some game specific instructions POWER8.

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