Professional Dedicated Servers at Best Price

Are you searching for a reasonable dedicated server with powerful infrastructure? ExpertPK has designed a line of rental dedicated servers for startups and small businesses searching for power and flexibility.

EXPERTPK Dedicated Servers Range

A dedicated server is the ideal solution for larger businesses and high-traffic websites. Dedicated servers allow for maximum customization, configuration, installation, and overall flexibility; all backed by EXPERTPK‘s unparalleled support.

Hosting Servers

  • Upto 1 Gbps vRack
  • Upto 256 GB Ram
  • Upto 3×600 GB SAS
  • Upto 20c/40t 2.3/3.0GHz
  • 24/7 Quality Suppor

Rs 19000 /starting from

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Storage Servers

  • Upto 12x6TB SAS
  • Upto 64GB RAM
  • IPv4: 1 Included
  • Upto Xeon E5-2620v3 
  • Upto 6c/12t 2.4/3.2GHz

Rs 10100 /starting from

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Game Servers

  • Upto Intel E5-1650
  • Upto 128 GB RAM
  • IPv4: 1 Included
  • Upto 4c/8t @ 4.2 GHz+
  • Upto 2 x 240GB SSD

Rs 19600 /starting from

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Top Line Servers

  • Upto 1 GBps vRack
  • Upto 256 GB Ram
  • Upto 3×600 GB SAS
  • 20c / 40t 2.3 / 3.0 GHz
  • 24/7 Quality Suppor

Rs 19000 /starting from

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Services included with Dedicated Servers

Upto 256 Failover IPs

Upto 500 GB Backup Storage

Anti DDoS Protection

Over 90 Re-Installations

High Tech Components

Expert Assistance

Additional Options

Hot add storage in a few clicks or additional resources in a few clicks

Upto 16 IPs and 13 possible geolocations to better isolate & web protection

3 extra ways to enhance your data protection strategy

            24/7 Customer Support for EXPERPK Pros

+1 (754) 333 4766

Dedicated Support For Dedicated Servers

As a dedicated customer, enjoy direct support from specialists who know
our most powerful servers best. Call the exclusive support line anytime, 24/7.

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