03 Apr 2017

Installation of Drupal Manually

As you know,In order to install the Drupal CMS application, so please follow the step-by-step instructions given below:

First Step – Download the installation file from Drupal.org by choosing the latest stable good version and then clicking on the download link and next to the package.

Second Step -Now Upload it in the hosted public_html folder of your account. Now You can do that through any FTP client like FileZilla or via by using cPanel -> File Manager -> Upload file(s). In This way, after the installation has been completed, the script will appear once your write something like http://yourdomainname.com in your computer  web browser. Or Also you can create a subfolder there & then upload the file in it. Then The Drupal installation will be available at: http://yourdomainname.com/subfolder.

Third Step – As Once you are in the File Manager, please navigate to the hosted uploaded file and then extract it by clicking on the Extract link.Then It will create a sub folder e.g drupal-x.x.x., where instead of x.x. is the current version. Now So you can move the files one level up in the desired directory. Then The other option is to please extract the file in your computer desktop and now then to upload the content in the desired folder via FTP client.

Fourth Step – As Once the files are extracted in the desired folder,Now you should create a MySQL database for Drupal. And You can do that from cPanel -> MySQL Databases. So,There you should create a database & add a user to it then click here to learn how to create a MySQL database and user.

Fifth Step -Now Navigate to the URL of your Drupal site & run the install.php file (for example http://yourdomainname.com/install.php).As Pick the default profile option for yours Drupal application.

Sixth Step – First Pick the default language for the Drupal web site.

Seven Step-As Enter the database details for the database which you have created in Fourth Step .Then Click on the Save and continue button to continue.

Eight Step- Now The installation procedure is finished. Now You will see the following screen:

As Enter the site information and the administrative login details. Now Click on the Save and Continue button.

Nine Step -So Well done! The installation is completed and you can proceed to your web site.

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02 Apr 2017

Installation Virtualmin on Ubuntu

AS Installation Virtualmin, For those of you who did not know that, Virtualmin is an advanced web server management panel, and It is a very good alternative to cPanel, with the same like administration structure based on root users, Re sellers, and clients. as Once installed, then you will be able to manage Apache, Nginx, PHP, DNS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, mailboxes, FTP, SSH, SSL, Subversion/Git repositories and also many more things.

As this tutorial assumes you have at least basic knowledge of linux os, and know how to use the shell command, and very most importantly, as you host your site on your own hosted VPS. The installation is very quite simple. And I will show you through the all step by step installation virtualmin on Ubuntu OS.

First Step – As First, you need to update the system to be ensured that we have all of the latest modern software installed well.

#sudo aptget update

Second Step – Now Downloading and install Virtualmin script.

#sudo wget http://software.virtualmin.com/gpl/scripts/install.sh

As once downloaded, do a chmod +x to make the script executable:

#chmod +x install.sh

As Now it is time for running virtualmin install script.Also, Installation will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes all depends on your server speed and power. To do so, use the command below:

#sudo ./install.sh

Note: As during the installation it will ask you for the host name make sure you enter this correctly

Third Step – Now Accessing Virtualmin.

Usually Virtualmin web based all monitoring will be available on HTTPS port 10000 as by default. Now Open your favorite browser and navigate to http://yourdomain.com:10000 or http://server-ip:10000. as If you are using a firewall, please open port 10000 to be enable access to yours control panel.

Now Congratulation’s!As You have successfully installed virtualmin. ManyThanks for using this tutorial for installition of virtualmin web server management on yours Ubuntu 14.04 system

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01 Apr 2017

Window Web Server hosting ASP.NET webserver

In now a today hosting industry, Window Web server hosting  ASP.NET hosting service is rapidly increasing popular among both individual and businesses, and also it is favored by the webmasters who can prefer to run the websites based on Microsoft technologies, like ASP.NET, IIS, Windows Web Server, and many more. However, as some newbies in this field may do not have any idea about how to select a suitable good ASP.NET hosting plan.
Very Honestly, before choosing a qualified ASP.NET hosting solution, you should have to think much of the basic requirements of a plan because as it determines whether you are able to create a website with successfully.And  Here, we make an in-depth introduction on the some of basics of a good ASP.NET hosting. 

Window Web server hosting, What is ASP.NET?

So As an open source web application framework, ASP.NET is usually used to help programmers for produce dynamic web pages, pages and services. Meanwhile,also it is built on Common Language Runtime (CLR), as with which users can write ASP.NET code by using any .NET language. Now, some reliable hosting companies, like Expertpk.com, are now providing excellent ASP.NET hosting service with multiple ASP.NET versions, and from which customers can choose best most suitable one.

Do You KNow,ASP.NET Hosting Components

As the following, we list the necessary components of a qualified ASP.NET hosting solutions, including Windows operating system, .NET framework, Internet Information Services (IIS), control panel, MSSQL and trust level. And also now, let us check the details as below.

1- The .NET Framework

As It is a software framework used to support ASP.NET hosting service. Microsoft has released many multiple versions of .NET framework and different versions are distributed with the specified Windows servers. As For example, the .NET3.0, 3.5, 4.0 should be distributed with Windows server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows server 2012 and Windows server 2012 R2.

2-The Windows Operating System

The Windows operating system, also known as the Windows server, is the center of an ASP.NET hosting solutions. As Since it is released by Microsoft in April, 2003, six versions of Windows server have been now in this field, among which the latest and common-used three versions are Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2. 

3- The Internet Information Services (IIS)

The IIS is a service created by Microsoft and used to run the ASP.NET hosting, featuring ASP, JAVA and VB script along with some extensional functions.So Besides, it includes some advanced features like FrontPage, Index Server and Net Show, that making it easier to publish information on the Web Internet. As By now, the latest versions of IIS are IIS 7.5, IIS 8.0 and IIS 8.5, that should be included in the Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 respectively.

4- The MSSQL

Microsoft MSSQL Server , also called Microsoft SQL Server, is a relational database management system used to store and to retrieve data. As There are at least a dozen of MSSQL versions available for users,that aiming to meet the needs of different audiences. Now The latest three editions are MSSQL 2008R2, MSSQL 2012 and MSSQL 2014, among these are the most frequently-used one is MSSQL 2012. 

5-The Control Panel

The Control Panel has been now recognized as one of the most important parts of a hosting solution as for it helps webmasters to create and to develop a website with ease. Also There are some control panels in the market particularly designed for ASP.NET hosting like WebSitePanel. With this user-friendly control panel,the  people are able to manage the domains, FTP accounts, Files, databases, and other applications without taking too much efforts.

What about Excellent ASP.NET Hosting Provider?

The excellent ASP.NET hosting provider can be a part of your success as when developing a website.Now According to what we have discussed above and the ranking at hosting review site, Now we can conclude that a qualified ASP.NET hosting company should provide you with the latest and best Microsoft technologies. In addition, it also needs to offer to much enough resources like unlimited monthly bandwidth and disk space. Here, we highly recommend Expertpk.com to you as it from a quality ASP.NET hosting providers.
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22 Mar 2017

LAMP Server phpmyadmin Installation on Linux Mint Ubantu

Installation LAMP Server:

dividerStep 1 : LAMP Server Install Tasksel via terminal:

             #sudo apt-get install tasksel

The above Command will install tasksel on yours system now with tasksel you can easily install Lamp Server.

Step 2: Run the Taskel to install LAMP server :

             #sudo tasksel

A wizard open from wizard select LAMP Server to install give root password mysql server.

Step 3: In internet browser, go to the ip address to check A Apache is working:

Open http://localhost/

Step 4: Then To test PHP file, create a test.php file on the server command given below:

            #sudo gedit /var/www/html/test.php

Now Write the test code in test.php file and save it ( <?php phpinfo(); ?>)

Step 5: Edit the apache2.conf file give the following command:

            #sudo gedit /etc/apache2/apache2.conf

Step 6:Now Add the following line in apache2.conf file given below :

           # include /etc/php5/apache.conf

Note in above line php version verify by and then writhe it to check version  give command below

           #php –versions (check version of php and add that php version in Step 6 added line of code)

Step 7: So Now restart the Apache Server again by command below :

            #sudo service apache2 restart

Step 8: Now Go to URL : http://localhost/test.php

The above URL give php info as we added code for php version check in test.php file

Step 9: Now localhost is ready to add phpmyadmin give the following command.

         #sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin -y

Wizard open Select apache2 server from wizard for configurations

Step 10: Now Go to URL : http://localhost/phpmyadmin

Yours phpmyadmin is ready Enjoy.



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13 Mar 2017

Apache Web Server installation on a Windows PC system

As The Apache HTTP Server is one of the most widely used web server software available.And It is an open-source software which can be run on a very large number of different operating systems, including the Windows. In This article will teach you that how to install the Apache web server on your machine of Windows PC.

Step-1: Open url

Step-2: And Save the file to your Windows Desktop

Step-3 :

So Double click the MSI file saved on yours Windows Desktop.Then You will see a window that looks like this:


Click  Next.


Then Click the radio button “I accept the terms in the license agreement”.


Click  Next.


Click  Next.


Now fill in all the text boxes with the following information:

  1. “Network Domain”: localhost
  2. “Server Name”: localhost
  3. “Administrator’s Email Address”: your email address


Then Make sure the radio button “for all users, on port 80, as a service – recommended” is selected.


Click  -Next


Now On the next window highlight “Apache HTTP Server” and click the “change” button


Now,We are going to install all the packages and scripts in the path C:\Server\Apache2\ (assuming C: is as your main hard drive). And in the text box “Folder name:” type in “C:\Server\Apache2\”. And The ending backslash is important.


As After you have typed in the path, click “OK” and also then click “Next “. And At this point, you should see a window that looks like this:


Now Click “Install” to begin the installation.


As Once the Apache installation software has finished installing of all the files on your computer, Then you will see a final window that letting you know the installation was a success. Now Click the “Finish” button

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07 Mar 2017

What is SEO Building Backlinks

Now Let us face it, by building backlinks is the very important marketing aspect of any hosted website. Backlinks are same like a popularity contest, and also the site with the most votes usually gets showed the most often. As I am going to tell you now that by building all backlinks is also the very hardest job of marketing a hosted website. As I have compiled a small list of very useful ways to build backlinks that are now still permitted by Google’s new algorithm updated (Panda).Now Let us get started.

Consider Easy Ways to Build Backlinks

By Comment Posting


As this is also perhaps the very frustrating topic of all link building techniques. Why is it so frustrating thing?As People have been ingrained with this idea that usually outbound links hurt there page ranks, even though it is not exactly true. So,As these blogs or whatever you are as about to comment on usually implement a no follow attribute on the links. This shows that so, how can you know what links are using no follow by without looking at the source code each time? Use this chrome extension.

So Despite my tangent about hateful bloggers, there is still a lot of potential with comment posting. Typically, websites will allow you to post yours website in a text box above the comment ,so you are about to write.As, All you need to do is put in your website and usually write a useful comment about the contents that was usually in the blog article. So, that is one free back link

By Forum Posting


As Forums provide an even very simpler way to link back to your own hosted site.As In a standard forum, you can also create a profile.So, In that profile, you generally have the good option of creating a signature that usually uses BBCode like [url=www.expertpk.com] So Some descriptive title about yours website [/url]. So,After creating your signature,It become active in the forum and also craft useful posts about all of the various forum topics. Each time you post = 1 new free backlink generated.

Consider More difficult Ways to Build Back links


So,While the techniques below are most difficult, they are also much more beneficial as they usually results in the better links.As You have the ability to control all the content around your backlink.

By Guest Blogging


As Guest Blogging is a rather annoying a new trend in building backlinks. However, it gives a useful weapon in yours back link building arsenal.As Essentially, you just need to Google for this “guest blogs” or “submit guest blog” to find various hosted sites that allow you to easily submit articles that are related to your website (As You can do that for us using the contact link at the bottom right now). The only main big caution here is that you should need to be sure the website’s are not gaming you for your contents and not providing a back link. So,as be sure to include a real HTML link in your article.

By Contact Websites


As Another way to gain backlinks is to get involved with the online community. As Assuming your website provides similar content to same another website,you email the owner and ask them to give you a proper backlink. Of course,as  complimenting them on their website and offering to return the favor never hurts them. However, as I will say that it is rather annoying to receive these emails if the person requesting a backlink does not already link to me as!

By Create Images/Videos


As Sometimes, this is not really an option. Yours content just might not be able to fit into the given videos, but at least you try to be creative.As If you can make a video, try them hosting it on youtube and promoting yours website. If it is not, you probably have images on yours website.By Try submitting those given images to various websites in order to get more and more links to yours hosted website. Always try to find new ways to display yours contents and then see them if you can build backlinks with the help of them.

As this is just a quick list of a some of the options you can use to build backlinks to yours hosted website.So, I cannot emphasis enough how important backlinks are for you if you want your website to be most successful. So However, you should always revisit yours link building strategies to see which given  methods are working best for yours site.



So,If you ever want to build a websites that make money for you, you should really need to invest in buying a good SEO books.So Consider above links.


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